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Fitzroys trailerFitzroys was born after being inspired while travelling and tasting a lot of amazing food along the way. 

We are based in Norwich bringing you vegetarian and vegan dishes and all things delicious! 
You will find half our menu is influenced by middle eastern flavours using heaps of fresh herbs and spices and the other is our infamous Mac + Cheese with a wide range of toppings which is a winner for everyone!
Winter menu:
Mac + Cheese with a choice of toppings
Chickpea and butternut squash stew with cous cous (vegan)
Grilled halloumi pitta with persian salad
Pea hummus pitta with Persian salad
‘Mezze’ bowl – Grilled halloumi, salad, pea and normal hummus, spicy potatoes, olives, cous cous, pitta
Vegan bowl – Spinach and walnut patties, harissa tofu kebabs, pea and normal hummus, salad, olives & pitta


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