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Namaste India

Namaste1LMNamaste India is a Norwich based Indian restaurant that specialises in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free curries and other Indian dishes.

They are now taking those flavours and dishes on the street to reach a wider audience
They serve Indian food like you have never tasted in Norfolk before. You won’t belive that meat free, gluten free and vegan food can be so tasty. It is simply delicious. It is so delicious that it will take you to India without the airport hassle!

At Namaste you can make your dish as hot as you like using our home made Naga chili sauce.


Veg Samosa (Vegan) (Vegetarian)

Curry + Rice (Vegan ) (Vegetarian) (Gluten free)

Masala Dosa (South Indian Pan Cake) (Vegetarian) (Gluten free)

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