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The Waffleworks

WaffleWorksAndrew & Alex McGovern are the people behind the revolution, #onastickrevolution, “Waffle on a Stick” to be precise. Although with plans for more street food on sticks, it surely will be a revolution.

The Waffle Works has crawled the kerbs, greased their irons, pitched up all over the county and beyond and partied like it’s 1999 for the last 2 years now.

Wherever you find The Waffle Works you be sure to hear the irons ROAR….


Our signature Waffles…

The Intergalactic Boom – Chocolate sauce, marshmallows & popping candy

The Blonde Ambition – Warm white Belgian chocolate & almonds

The Americano – Maple syrup & bacon bitesWaffleworks

The Rainbow Shower – Strawberry sauce & 100’s n 1000’s

The Toffee Temptation – Toffee sauce & honeycomb pieces

The Citrus Punch – Lemon n Lime sauces & NERD’s

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