We’re a CIC


It’s official!

Feast on the Street has now become a Community Interest Company – CIC




What does this mean?

Put simply, it means that we’re registered under the Companies Act  as a social enterprise.
It enables us as a company to re-invest in our members – like-minded street food traders who can join together to share similar aims.
For Feast on the Street, that means bringing quality street food to events all across East Anglia and helping to support artisan traders by giving them a platform to sell their wares. Be that at our own events, or at other events where we have been engages to provide the street food and manage the concessions

Working as a collective and CIC, also brings added benefits, such as the ability to negotiate better terms for traders at events

How does it work?

Any street food trader can apply to join our collective and once their application has been accepted and are part of Feast on the Street they’ll join a growing army of street food traders who are available to be included in events organised by Feast on the Street.

Festival and event organsiers can also approached Feast on the Street to organise street food at their event. Organisers have the option to select traders based on food variety, or can let the Feast on the Street team select traders for them based on their requirements (and availability).

Hang on, what about costs?

At present, there are no hidden “sign up” fees, so its free to join Feast on the Street as a trader..

What does this mean to me as someone who loves street food, or wants to try it for the first time?

Well, you now have the worlds street food cuisine at your feet…or at least outside the Forum each month and if you attend Newmarket Racecourse during 2015!

You’ll be able to combine shopping with a break for something to eat without having to spend a fortune. Or you’ll be able to enjoy something more tasty and adventurous than whatever you currently have at lunchtime!

It will be a chance, once a month, to go down to The Forum (or any of the events where you see Feast on the Street advertised) and try something different.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find you become a fan of frogs legs, grilled cheese sandwiches, proper hand made burgers and pulled pork and can’t do without your monthly fix!

Either way, as a foodie, you’ll be spoilt for choice and can’t wait for the next Feast on the Street event……in which case, you’ll need to get one of our badges and join the Feast on the Street Club!

FOTS Badges