Working at Feast on the Street

Feast on the Street are gearing up for a busy Spring, Summer and Autumn and our traders are looking for talented, up-and-coming people who are after for a career in street food, or want to work in the food industry and be at the cutting edge of food service.

This is NOT waiting on tables, scrubbing floors, or flipping burgers!

This is REAL food, serving hordes of people, gaining customer service at the sharp end and making sure everything runs smoothly.

It can (and does) get hot, you’ll graft long hours, but the rewards are there for those with stamina and a cheery, happy-go-lucky ‘can-do’ personality.

  • You may be a recent graduate studying at a college or Uni and looking for some summer work that will really enhance your CV – and future job prospects. Perhaps you’re studying a BTec in Hospitality or other food or food service degree.

  • You may want some part time work to boost your income.

  • You may be looking for a career in street food and want to work alongside the best in the region.

Want to join us?

Just complete the form below and if we think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll be in touch with you.

(Apologies but we can’t get back to everyone, but we will try. Honest!)

These are all paid positions. Working times will vary and will definitely include weekends and evenings.

If you'd like the opportunity to work alongside our top street food traders to experience the life first hand, please complete the form. Please list any allergies you may have

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